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     At eight this morning the radio

issued the flash that Japan has offered

to surrender, provided their Emperor

Hirohito can stay on the throne and

maintain his sovereignty  We’re

glued to the radio waiting for later

developments, but they’re slow in

coming.  V-J Day can’t be far off


     Mother and I went to the

Valensia to see Eddie Bracken in

“Bring on the Girls” and “Ministry of Fear”

with Ray Milland – and then on to the

hospital.  From there I rode over to N.Y.

with Dr. Goodman and then met Billy

at his office.  We had dinner in the

Times Building and then took the 8:00 P.M.

bus to River Edge, where Ann met us.

Their house is darling and the children

Pattie (4) and Winnie (14 Months) are

adorable.  So nice!