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V !   August 14   V !

     Today has been the most wonderful

day in my life for, after three and

a half year’s of actual war in addition

to the time before that when the rest

of the world was fighting, victory

and peace have finally become

an actuality rather than mere

wistful dream stuff.  We’ve waited

and prayed for this so long that

I can’t believe that the war is a

thing of the past. I can’t quite

conceive of a world at peace.  There

will be so many problems, but

right now I’m too happy to care.

     Mother and I were on the way

home from the hospital at 7 when the

self-sufficient words “This Is It”

came over the radio; and so we picked

up Lizzie and went back to N.Y.  The

city was mad with happiness. – lay 3

inches below confetti – Times Sq., jammed!

     To wonderful!