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     A mad day, spent in finishing

the scores of hors d’oevres and whipping

up the punch and daiquiris for

this afternoon’s cocktail party -- which

was scheduled for 5 until 7, but

actually lasted until after 10.

There were almost forty people here

at one time or another and everyone

seemed to have a really wonderful

time.  The gals from home and gals

from school mixed together real

well, and Jack Hoffman, Jack Lynch,

Jack Mendermann, and Johnny Welsh

added a merry touch to it all.  The

party was a complete success and

turned out to be the big event of

the current unsocial season.

     Danny & Elaine spent the night -- and

I looked at my lovely gifts: - vase,

blue satin nightgown, “Rhapsody in Blue”

album, cologne, phonograph sapphire [need...?]

leather makeup case, black panties, red [rose?] [?]