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     The day was a very lazy one,

being as how I’ve decided these days

will be my last chance at lounging

around – for quite awhile, once I

start in on this career business.

     We went down to the hospital to

find Dad rather upset about his

delayed improvement and amount of

work to be done.

     I went over to the Biltmore to meet

Lou, Danny, Dris, Cary, Dottie and Jean.

We talked awhile and then walked over

to the Cove in Tudor City for dinner.

After that Cary and Jean went home, but

the rest of us went up to Radio City to

take the very interesting tour through

the NBC studio’s and see: television,

sound effects, the largest studio in the

world, news room, master control room, etc.

Dris and Danny were televised and got a

big bank out of it.