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     Today has been my first as a

career woman and I’m even more enthusi-

astic about Stewart Brown’s than before.

The people are wonderful – The office

efficiently run, but allowing plenty of

leeway for fun too, and I love it good.

I fooled around with a [?] and

worked on a chewing gum survey for

Fleer’s and enjoyed it a great deal --

though I’m weary now. – Had lunch at

Hamburger House with Gloria [Matuh?].

     I went to the hospital on the way

home – and Mother and I had a bite to

eat there.  I was completely delirious to

find four long and satisfactory letters

from Bill Brennan, Freddie, Floyd – and

Bill, who’s still in France (was on a

furlough in Switzerland) and thinks he’ll

be home for 30 days around October 1st

Life can be so beautiful!