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     The last of this season’s weddings

took place at 11:00 A.M. when Mrytle

married John at St. Patrick’s Rectory.

the ceremony was simple, but lovely;

and Myrtle was another beautiful

bride.  Then Audrey and I went to

the smooth reception at the Keystone

Room of the Pennsylvania.  The

food and music were good --

and we danced ‘n’ danced with

groom, bestman, Mr. [Hennings?], Mr.

Cooper, etc., etc.  It was all very

nice, and Mrytle and John seem so

extremely happy together.

     I went to the hospital and then

Mrs. Brennan and Pats took Mother

and me to the Town Club for dinner.

A very pleasant evening!

     An announcement that Becky

Yager had a baby girl Sept 4th, named

Rebecca Jane!