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     It’s rained all day, but during

my lunch hour I ducked in between

showers and ordered a sterling napkin

ring for Becky’s baby.  We left work

a little after four because we’d

finished all our allotted stuff,

and more.

     At 5:30 I met Lou, Beth, Elaine,

Dris, Danny and Eleanor at the

Biltmore.  We waited around for

Cary, since we’d planned a farewell

party for her, but she was tied

up elsewhere.  We went on and had

dinner at the Commodore Coffee

Shoppe and then went to the CBS

Theatre to see the “It Pays to Be

Ignorant” broadcast.  It was so

corny that we loved it.

     A card from Myrtle, deliciously

happy -- and a delayed Switzerland

card from Bill.