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     A really lovey day again.  The office

time sped along and I accomplished

a great deal with satisfactory results.

Everyone seemed pleased!

     I had lunch with Lou and an

office friend of hers at Down-Under

and caught up on back news.  Dris

phoned me too.

     I met Beth and Elaine at the

Astor for a wonderful evening.  We

moseyed along trying to discover a

place to eat; ending up in the Cort

on 48 St.  We had a gay time and

were intrigued when 3 attractive

sailors tried to have us show them

New York.  (They just reached here on

the Enterprise)  We were sorely tempted

but our damned mid-Victorian

conventionalism won out – and we

walked up & down B’way in the mingling

crowds instead. – Such fun!

     a letter from the KDs and Bill!