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     The new week started with the

same old outlook on Fleer’s – It’s

bound to be finished soon!

     After work, I met Beth and

Elaine in the RCA Building for

another wonderful evening.  We had

a prolonged dinner at Rogers Corner

and ate and talked for over an

hour.  We walked all the way back

to 6 Ave (oops – Avenue of the Americas!)

and 54 St. to get tickets for “The Red

Mill’ for Nov. 10; and then back

to Madison Square Garden for the

Rodeo  Id never seen one before

and so got an extra big bang out

of it.  Our seats were wonderful – and

we got good views of all the riding,

roping and milking, though we were

rather weak-kneed by the time it was

all over.  We acted like real kids

and loved it!