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     A gem of a day!  This morning was spent

waiting for Jim to call, which turned out

quite satisfactorily and pleasantly too! – This

afternoon, I went into N.Y. to meet Beth, Elaine

and Mary Watkins to see the revival of

Victor Herbert’s “The Red Mill,” a charmingly

pleasant piece with lovely music – After

the show we met Holly [Rick...?] for a

cocktail at the Gotham -- and so home.

     This evening (after two other chances

for dates: one blind & one Fred Neuberger)

I went out with Jim.  We fooled around in

Jamaica and went to the Maison

Duarte for dancing and drinking.

(He does all such things well!)  We

came home afterwards and drank

a little and stuff till 2:30.  I’m

really fond of that guy!

     Two wonderful letters from Bill

in Versailles – thinks he’ll be home in

January or February!