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     Very smooth! – The day at the

office passed more than pleasantly

as I snared compliments on my

dressed-up appearance and waited for

the evening to arrive.

     I met Jim in the RCA Building

at 5:15 and moseyed around town

awhile before having dinner in Ding

Ho in Chinese style.  We walked some

more and ended up in the Hotel

Claridge Cocktail Lounge, sipping

highballs and talking till Theater

Time.  “Dear Ruth” was a terribly

clever comedy --- well-written and

acted -- and I love it, laughing till

I ached.  Our seats were excellent

(Sixth row, Center) and we really

enjoyed it! – After the show, we

came home for more coffee and sand-

wiches in the kitchen. – It’s gonna

seem odd without Jim around, but he’s

off to Texas again! – It’s been so swell!