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1945     An amazing day, but a

wonderful one, with my faith in

the New Year being complete – I

stayed home most of the day, with time

out for giving Allen Lewis a very

interesting Child Psych test session.

 – This evening Mother, the Hettlers

and I had dinner at the Boulevard

Tavern, and then I met Bill Brennan

to go into the city with him.  We saw

Katherine [Dunham’s?] Tropical Revue

and were very impressed with the

dancing – and then to my surprise, went

to [Radio?] Frank’s, a night club on 53 St.,

where we danced, drank, and ate

scrambled eggs and bacon.  It was

really fun!

     When we got home at 2, Bill Boyd

was there.  It was only slighted awkward

as we three talked.  Bill Brennan

left in a little while, and Bill Boyd

and I talked more ‘n’ more.  He’s wonderful.